About TPGG


TourPlayersGolfGroup.com mission is to relieve the financial burden of responsible young men and women who aspire to succeed within the game of golf at the highest level. We are committed to developing the values and character traits of these individuals who are associated with TourPlayersGolfGroup.com, those being Honor, Integrity, Sportsmanship, and Self Discipline. For more information, please email us or fill out the following form.

In addition, our Tournament Division Management Group is a single vendor resource to manage, direct and facilitate tournaments for charities, corporations, and special interest groups. Our tournament management services are designed to help our clients enjoy the full experience of their golf event, while leaving the administration, logistics and accounting of the tournament, in our hands. For a list of current events, please visit our Charity Events Planning Page.

Grounded in tradition while moving into the future.” (Unknown)


Special thanks to VerticalChristian.org of Georgia for providing the volunteers for all our sponsored events.

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